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Marcus West


  • GoE EFT Master Practitioner
  • Practitioner of Emotrance
  • Trained in the Hawai’ian spiritual or shamanic tradition known as Huna, taught by Tad James, in Hawai’i
  • Master Practitioner of NLP


My practice is in the Roath area of Cardiff; I also do home visits.

The primary focus of my EFT practice is lessening fear in its various forms – all kinds of phobias; panic attacks; anxiety; stage fright; stress; fear of public speaking, P.T.S.D. and so on.  Having said that, I'm happy to see any client if I think I can be of assistance.

Hawai’ian Huna is to do with remaking or strengthening our connection to our spiritual aspect and to our Inner Mind (roughly equivalent to the Western construct “the unconscious mind”). Through Huna I may conduct a particular therapeutic process that involves communing with the client’s Inner Mind and Higher Self and assisting in the release of the client’s negative emotions.

I use all of my skills as appropriate, so for example a session may start with some carefully-targeted EFT, continue with an NLP intervention like the 6-step reframe, and finish by leading the client into a heightened sense of spiritual connection through Huna.

 There is more information on my Facebook pages:

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